End of Career Project awarded in COIT Awards to the Best PFCs (course 2014/15)

  • Written by  Ramón Martínez Rodríguez-Osorio
On May 27, the jury of the XXXVI edition of the Awards for Best Final Degree Projects, Master's Thesis, Doctoral Theses and Best Academic Pathways in Telecommunication Engineering, awarded the HISDESAT Award for the Best Final Project in Government Satellite Services to Álvaro Duqe de Quevedo for his Final Degree Project, entitled "Obtaining an analytical model of the C/IM ratio in transponders of communication satellites". The PFC was directed by Professor Ramón Martínez from the Radiation Group during the 2014/15 academic year.

The objective of the PFC was to obtain analytical expressions of the C/IM ratio and function of different parameters: number of carriers, modulation, working point of the amplifier, power distribution between carriers or symbolic regime. In his PFC, Álvaro developed a payload simulator for a communications satellite, including the stages of modulation, filtering, carrier multiplexing, non-linear amplification, and calculation of the carrier-to-noise ratio of intermodulation. With this simulator it is possible to obtain C / IM curves for any working point of the amplifier and distribution of carriers. Once the C/IM is obtained, a linear or quadratic adjustment by least squares is performed to obtain an analytical expression of the C/IM according to the IBO.

The results of the simulator have a great interest within a satellite communications system because they allow to obtain the optimum working point of the transponder thus maximizing the use of the bandwidth of the transponder.

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