FAST (Future Architecture of ESA Deep Space Stations for Enhanced Mission Support)

  • Written by  Ramón Martínez Rodríguez-Osorio

This project of the European Space Agency aimed to analyze the application of arrays of small antennas to support communications to deep space missions. The motivation of the study is given by the increase in the bandwidth requirements of future deep space missions and the technological limitation of the large antennas of 35 and 70 meters in diameter to support these missions.
  • Principal investigator: Miguel Calvo Ramón
  • Participants: Miguel Calvo Ramón, Ramón Martínez Rodríguez Osorio, Miguel A. Salas Natera, Leandro de Haro Ariet, Belén Galocha Iragüen
  • Funding: Agencia Espacial Europea
  • Partners: INSA/ISDEFE, Agencia Espacial Europea (ESA)
  • Duration: 18 meses
  • Project type: Proyecto de investigación

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