Cursos ESoA

European School of Antennas on Antenna Measurements

  • Escrito por  Manuel Sierra Castañer
The course introduces the problematic of antenna measurement. It describes the classical antenna measurement techniques like open fields, compact ranges and near field systems.

The course also introduces the most innovative antenna measurement technologies, in particular the special techniques for millimetre and submillimetre frequency bands, OTA measurements, the measurement procedures for MIMO systems and the novel post-processing techniques to improve antenna measurement results. The course is aimed to PhD students and engineers from antenna companies.

This course is given by academic and company experts working in new trends of antenna measurements.

Date:  14-18 June 2021
Coordinators:  Manuel Sierra Castañer / Lars Foged
Prerequisites:  Basic of antennas and microwaves, basic knowledge of electromagnetic and mathematics
Course Duration:  30 hours in 5 days
Expected Speakers: Manuel Sierra Castañer (UPMadrid)
Lars Foged (MVG)
Olav Breinjberg (DTU)
Antti Räisänen (Aalto University)
Sergiy Pivnenko (ASYSOL)
Lucia Scialacqua (MVG)

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