Introducing SABOR 1.0

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Horn example
Reflector example

SABOR: Software for the analysis of

Horns and Reflectors

SABOR: is both a pre-design and an educational program, which is capable of computing radiation patterns both for horns and for reflectors. Now a new beta version is also available only in Spanish.
SABOR is available by downloading it from this web page under a shareware agreement.

Horns: The horns covered by this program are:

  1. H-plane sectoral horn

  2. E-plane sectoral horn

  3. Pyramidal horn

  4. Corrugated rectangular horn

  5. Smooth conical horn

  6. Corrugated conical horn

Reflector configuration: The following reflectors can be also studied:

  1. Cassegrain Parabolic

  2. Single Offset

  3. Double Offset: Cassegrain or Gregorian

The feeder of these reflectors can be a cos-q feeder as well as one of the horns studied by SABOR.

Horn Calculations: Maximum gain, beam width at a certain level, phase center and spillover losses are also calculated when the radiation pattern is plotted.

Reflector Calculations: The values of maximum gain, beam width at a certain level, blockage losses, spillover losses, aperture distribution losses, and the reflection at the feeder are computed when the radiation pattern menu is selected.

Compare option: Several patterns can be superimpossed in the pattern window.

Fully tested: The results of the calculations have been checked against proffesional programs (i.e. GRASP).

User-Friendly: All the software functions are accessible through windows, pop-up menus and mouse.

Platform: SABOR runs on PC-compatible machines under WINDOWS 3.11 or WINDOWS 95.

Computational Speed: Computation by each radiation pattern takes less than 10 seconds on a PENTIUM-100.

This is a product of:


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Downloading SABOR

Please select the following buttons with your mouse and follow the instructions

Registering SABOR

With a registration of US $25.00 you will get a personal license and you will receive a comprehensive printed manual, and when available, the next version of the software. Please get in contact with Leandro de Haro for commercial and distribution licensing info.

You can register SABOR for a personal licence by paying US $25 into the account

Account holder: FUNDETEL- SABOR.
Account number: Bank Code C.D. Account Code
2038-1115 -26- 6800024844

you also may pay sending a check ($25) payable to FUNDETEL to the following address (Please submit also a letter mentioning SABOR)

E.T.S.I. de Telecomunicacion
Ciudad Universitaria
E-28040 - MADRID - (SPAIN)

Finally please send an e-mail with payment info and the following data to Leandro de Haro

The program SABOR was originally conceived to give help in the teaching of antenna engineering, showing how horns and reflectors radiate. The authors disclaim any direct, indirect or incidental damage derived from the use of this software.

E.T.S.I. Telecomunicación, Ciudad Universitaria, 28040 Madrid, Spain

For immediate information, contact Leandro de Haro at (+34) 91-549-5700 ext 386, Fax (+34) 91-543-2002